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Baby Carriage Service

Baby Carriage Service

Providing educational materials and awareness to the mothers of newborns is accomplished through the Baby Carriage Service, which is metaChild's effort to reach newborns and their families as early as possible in the child's growth.

The BCS is in two parts, preparation and delivery. Preparation includes identifying new births, contacting the families, establishing the needs of the households and setting a time for a visit.

After the family is contacted and presented with the metaChild Baby Carriage one of three results can be expected.

    Active Membership As a voluteer organization, metaChild seeks new volunteers to help accomplish its goals.

    Passive Membership Helping those who need help is at the heart of a volunteer organization. New families are often overwhelmed with little energy or time to consider doing more. It is these families that most need a helping hand.

    No Interest Some families will not be interested in help at all. Their wishes will be respected.

The Baby Carriage Service is a way to welcome the new community member with gifts and introductory values from neighbors and local businesses.






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