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Resources in Arizona for Early Development

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"Help your children spread their wings..."


Resources Available to Chapters are listed here.

Chapter formation and organization

    Starting a Chapter of metaChild- Check this page for a brief description of the Chapter Formation Guide and download it as a PDF document.

Outreach Programs

Professional Assistance with Child Development

    Professionals are available who can work as volunteers  or who will accept family Hours.  State and federal programsare also a source of professional services.

    Inter-agency Coordination

      Service delivery to children is facilitated through a multi-chapter task force that coordinates communications with government and private agencies.

Fundraising: Local, Regional and National

    All sources of can be tapped  through well defined programs to channel  resources to the local chapters.

    Family Hours: Local Currency

      An innovative program to enable the exchange of services within the community of families and family oriented businesses.

    Grant Writing:

      Volunteers with grant writing skills are invited.

    Sponsorship: Business Giving

      Businesses that can benefit through marketing exposure and user feedback.

      Businesses support the "Baby Carriage Service" delivered to parents of newborn children.

Useful Links and Contacts

    See this page of links to other resources on the web.





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