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Chapter Overview

metaChild Chapters are organized to serve an area, often related to the geographical boundaries of a Public School or School District. Activities of the Chapter members are focused on helping the families of newborn and/or small children. Help begins with educating the families regarding what is known about the importance of the developmental stages beginning with birth.

We assume that all parents want what is best for their children and the outreach services reflect that assumption.

While emphasis is on the newborn, a program for expecting mothers is an option for the chapters to explore. Many lifelong difficulties are the result of ignorance during this critical time. Help and education for women during pregnancy is very beneficial.

Identifying households with a need is the first job. Tracking birth announcements is one way that this is done, but all children need the benefits of developmental insight that the chapter will bring to the home. All households with preschood children need Chapter services, but the priority is newborns because the potential benefit is the greatest.

After a household is nominated for services the Chapter member who best identifies with the family will contact them to set a time for a Baby Gift Carriage Visit. While many of the gifts are intended to stimulate the purchase of items, such as free samples or discount coupons, it should be emphasized that the visit is educational and social in nature. Often, finding someone with whom to share the stress of new motherhood is of great value.

Outreach services like the Baby Share Clinics, Developmental Toy Recycling Program and Mothers Helping Mothers free in-home infantcare services are practical benefits that cement longterm relationships that stengthen the lives of children, parents and volunteers.

The Chapters goal is to enable parents to raise their children to be healthy and happy without any official intervention. In order to achieve this, the Chapters intends to offer education, resources and direct assistance to parents when it can do the most good. Reaching this goal will save millions of dollars for public education, reduce public assistance costs and increase the productivity of the children and their families for a lifetime. This is a worthy goal for a neighborhood organization.       

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