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Fund Raising

Local, Regional and National Fundraising

Business giving is the main target for local metaChild activists. Approaching business to give out of their own self interest is a job for Chapter Organizers and other  qualified volunteers.  There are many foundations that will work with an organization like metaChild, many with grants available as well as opportunities for cosponsoring fundraising events. All of these sources of can be tapped for the local chapters through the creation of well defined programs to channel these resources to the groups.

Business Sponsorship:

    Identifying the core activities provides the opportunity to target businesses that can benefit through marketing exposure and user feedback.

    A particular program is the "Baby Carriage Service" delivered to parents of newborn children. This is basically free samples and trial supplies of items and services useful to families with newborns and small children.It is a sort of  "Welcome Wagon" for babies and an incentive for new parents to take the time from their hectic schedules to visit with the Smart Start volunteers.

Grant Writing:

    Most funding not contributed by the volunteers or sponsors comes from grants. Volunteers with grant writing skills are provided with ample opportunity to use those skills for the benefit of the organization. The web site provides a step-by-step method to channel volunteer suggestions into useful guidance for the writers.

Family Hours: Local Currency

    An innovative program to enable the exchange of services within the community of families and family oriented businesses.


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