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Organizers are the key to success in a volunteer group. The metaChild Organization is dedicated to going beyond spreading the word about early intervention, to a commitment of personal time and energy to assist those for whom words are not enough. Organizers are the example that demonstrates the commitment others will follow.

An Organizer usually will organize a chapter, but not run it. The job for Organizers is to start chapters and nuture leadership while organizing other chapters. This is an ongoing process that will require constant inputs of personal energy.

Organizers are supported by the State Organization with resources and financial rewards. While we are a volunteer organization, a system to enable dedicated professionals to earn a living is a necessary requirement. The Organizers Financial Support Program is available to interested individuals at Regular Meetings. Ask about it.

Organizers Form Local Chapters

Chapters are the heart of the service delivery program. The Baby Gift Carriage is a way to open the door at households with new children and create a receptive attitude from the family. An ongoing Developmental Toy Recycling Program and the Mothers Helping Mothers in-home child care services will maintain the supportive relationship.  The pesonal rewards of being a chapter volunteer come from knowing that you are making a difference in another persons life.  Building a stronger bond  between parents while sharing information about  growing healthy happy familis within the community is an objective that can make us all proud

Organizers Recruit Volunteers

Inquiries about volunteering for local chapters are given to the Organizers for follow-up. If there is a Chapter in the area, it is still appropriate for the Organizer to introduce the new volunteer to the Chapter. Each volunteer is a leader that needs to create a personal line of communication to the entire organization and this needs to be respected. If they call us, we will respond

Organizers Recruit Sponsors

Sponsorship is open to any business or individual that wants to help. A Sponsor can provide a one-time gift  or become a sustaining sponsor.

Giving a one-time gift is the beginning of a long-term relationship. Unless there is a real reason to change the Sponsor's mind they will contribute periodically as circumstances permit.

A Sustaining Sponsorship is a program that allows the Sponsor to to participate in the role that their gift plays. The reason for this is planning. When the Organization knows that a resource will be available in advance it enables the sponsor to be included in the process of utilizing the resource. Sustaining Sponsors get more than a tax write-off, they get personal satisfaction as well.






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